Architrendy is an architecture studio with an avant-garde vision of design and architecture. To words that define architrendy work.

The world admires and trusts a product ‘Made in Italy’ an expression of innovation and quality, as well as, with the same intensity, admires and dreams of the virgin and paradisiacal beaches of Punta Cana. A dialogue in balance between the wonderful white crystalline Punta Cana beaches and an unmistakable beauty of the Italian style.

Two realities that impress, surprise and make you fall in love. First, for its elegance and style, second for its natural and untouched landscapes.

Architrendy carries in his veins, in his DNA, a synergy between these two realities of style and beauty. Architrendy is the search for quality, excellence and attention to detail. In the first place, distinction and elegance, which means having the best.

Architecture is a unique space where body and soul coexist together

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