Architrendy Luxury wedding Destination 2020 in Punta Cana

Architrendy Luxury weddings in Punta Cana 2020 If you're planning your "special day" in the Caribbean, Architrendy Wedding Design offer the best wedding Design and Planner services in Punta cana, Rep.Dom. The Spirit of Architrendy arch.Jackie Lendorf switch your WeddingDay in an UniqueDay. "Elegance in every detail" contact us: info@architrendy.com and get "FREE" [...]

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Italian wedding destination 2020

Italian wedding destination  2020 In the summer season the charm of Italy, the "perfect frame" for an elegant wedding. Jackie's refined style is the common thread that'll give your wedding an unique touch. Always a coherent interpretation, of a theme developed with exceptional elegance by Jackie Lendorf. Don't miss the opportunity to realize your "Italian special [...]

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Architrendy Luxury Wedding Design

Luxury wedding collections by Architrendy in the beautiful beach of Punta Cana.Beach summer style!!!This style wedding was design by jackie Lendorf to create a perfect union between decorative elements and this beautiful beach. The perfect place to live unforgettable experience, the most important of your life. SEASIDE collection " A dream facing the sea " [...]

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